About Rotary Pub

About Rotary Pub

Rotary Pub is a by students driven non-profit pub in premises at Rotary student housing by the water tower in Johanneberg, Gothenburg. The pub has existed since Rotary student housing started near the end of the 1960s.

The name "Rotary" came about since it was the more famous organization Rotary International that once upon a time donated funding for building the student housing. By searching the area one might be able to find a couple of Rotary emblems.


Rotary Pub's niche is having a wide sortiment of beers and, as part of the staff, many enthusiasts make that happen. We dare to say that we have one of the widest and most exclusive beer ranges in Gothenburg. In other words, "I want a beer" might lead to follow-up questions from the bartender to decide something that fits the person and occasion.

To be able to keep the sortiment varied we work with many different suppliers. This means that we more or less every week have something new to offer and it makes the options always feel fresh.

We also stock e.g. cider and wine, but if you ask for it the bartender might at first try to make you discover something in the beer assortment that interests you.

Beer cartons in the pub.
Filling the fridges.
For those more curious, we offer a list of the pub's current assortment.

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Rotary Pub is situated in Rotary student housing by the water tower in Johanneberg, Gothenburg.

The pub is located at the end of Richertsgatan, a cross-street to Viktor Rydbergsgatan. It is a stone's throw east of Chalmers and there are solid connections with public transports with bus 18 stopping at Spaldingsgatan as the closest alternative.

The pub's visiting address is Richertsgatan 2, but "by the water tower in Johanneberg" usually suffices as directions for people who are at home in Gothenburg.

Map to find your way to Rotary Pub.
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The pub is run through FR Rotary, a non-profit organization for the tenants at Rotary student housing. In spite of its student connections, the pub is open for everyone.

Currently the position as manager is held by Fredrik Österström.


To be able to keep a large and varied range, we order from several different companies. Suppliers that we order from include: